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Credit should go to all the people who've taught me and coached me and paddled with me. This is but a small attempt to repay the paddling community for everything it's given me. In no particular order: Joey Yeaple, Adam Thomas, Kara Weld, Bob & Karen Ruppel, Carter, Cathy, Davey, and Jennifer Hearn, DJ Medeiros, Rod Smith, Lee Dewolski, Chuck & Debra Cooper, Dave Kurtz, Paul Carlile, Renee Gelblat, Jim Cavo & Patty Allison, Eric Jackson, Sheryl Boyle, Gene Gallagher, Walt Witucki, Bob Bofinger, Bill Endicott, Scott Shipley, Richie Weiss, Claire Carren, Al & Mary Ellen Miller, Walt Underhill, Jean Cronauer, Linda & Chris Hanson, Greg Wojcik, Carole Monahan, Larry March, Barb Kingsborough, Bob Beringer, Abby Kingman, Bill Kelly, Craig Reidner, Wayne Dickert, Gary, Glen & Heather Warner, Lecky & Fritz Haller, Jamie McEwan, Max Wellhouse, Ben Jacobs, Jared & Jessica Sunday, John & Mary Koeppe, Linda Davidson, Mary Hoffheimer, Natalie Thomas, Samuel, Steven & Letecia Bize, Hans-Pieter Geiger, Dirk Davidson, Chris Iezonni, Allen Mayers, Mark Poindexter, Carolyn Peterson, Jennie Goldberg, Jonathan & Renata Altman, Guy Flatley, Jim Graham, Carol Figdore, Mike Boyd, Rich Bupp, Keech & Ann LeClair, Natalie Brunner, Shanna Welsh, Eileen Gelblat, Ed Bronson, Lance Faber, Jatoslav "Jerry" Kutak, Caroline Ortmann, Jim & Sandy Powell, Chris Carter, Jason Beakes, Marilyn, Wayne and Josh Russell, Sara Barontini, Tim & Jon Braun, the Weldon family, Paul Kremer, Andy Alexander, Gordon Jenness, the Palmero, Powell and Eichfeld families, Harold Deal, Karl Kleiner, Bunni Labadie, David Ward, Brian Zimmerman, Matt & Marian Davidson, Craig Law.

Thanks to numerous people for suggesting additions and updates; big thanks to Renee Gelblat for going over the entire site in 1999 and finding a lot of my early mistakes. I'm sure I've gone on to make new ones since then. ;-)

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