If I recall correctly, level was about 800 CFS - medium-high. The pictures were taken with an el cheapo "waterproof" disposable camera, while bouncing around on the river (except for the first two), so don't expect photographic excellence. We started this trip near the water plant at Nallen, which is why there are no photos of the rapids upstream. The thumbnails shown here are 20% of full size.
Meadow River This is the first major drop below the water plant at Nallen. We named it "Wet Your Pants" but I think its real name is "Powerhouse". This photo was taken from the scout rock on river left; you can see the slab of rock at the top preventing a run straight down the middle, and the munchy hole at the bottom. There's a second hole to the left of the frame.
Meadow River Looking upstream from the same scout rock. This gives you a good idea of the typical morphology found on the river: a LOT of huge boulders. Visible at the top right of the photo (river left), between two big rocks, is a hole we call "Maximum Entropy". The distant hill directly upstream is behind the "swimming hole" next to the water plant at Nallen; there's a sunning rock on river right and a rope swing on river left in the pool up there.
Meadow River This is Wet Your Pants, aka Powerhouse, from downstream. You can really get a sense of how the whole river pours through a relatively narrow channel from this shot.
Meadow River Just downstream, there's a river-wide surfing wave. Note how the river disappears into a maze of boulders below.
Meadow River One of many stunningly beautiful rock formations. We named this one "Ship's Prow" because it sorta looks that way. It marks the beginning of a long, complex rapid down the left. (The river pools into a cul-de-sac on the right at this level.)
Meadow River Partway down the ensuing rapid. This one has ledges, pourover holes, undercut rocks, etc. -- but also plenty of eddies to duck into and grab a breather.
Meadow River Same rapid (Ship's Prow) further down. It makes a sweeping turn above the rock at right center.
Meadow River Still the same rapid, further down, and foggy lens 'cause the water was chilly but the air temp was high.
Meadow River A typical Middle Meadow rapid. This one had a tree stuck in it right at the drop, necessitating a sharp move left around the big boulder.
Meadow River One of the best rapids on the river: "Coffee Rush". This is the last drop at the bottom. Paul Carlile (Vermont) is in this picture, but you may need to look twice to find him.
Meadow River Another of the amazing rock formations. Note the entire tree sitting on top of it...water had been just a bit higher earlier in the week.
Meadow River Same rock as previous, but close-up and foggy (sorry). Waaaaay undercut.
Meadow River I'm not sure which rapid this is, or even if it's one we "named". But notice how the river is starting to open up -- wider streambed, fewer huge rocks, etc.
Meadow River The entrance to one of the longer and steeper (but not too difficult) rapids. The big squared-off rock marks the end.
Meadow River A typical drop approaching US-19.